Family time, friends

sun, water, laugh and giggles

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There is no better event to see all your friends then a birthday party.
There is no better birthday parties, than Ula’s.
There is no worse though, than letting your friend to wait too long for the birthday pictures 😉
It is a pleasure to start this little place of mine with these pictures !

And so it was, perfect day in the park, sun, water, laugh and giggles.
I hope to see you all next year ! ofcourse if I’ll be invited, will I ?
(no pictures of adults drinking wine, and eating polish sausages with greasy fingers included for this purpose)

I guess I missed the picture of the 7 brave men lighting up the barbecue 😉 please visit Ula to have a proof they did their job and noone left hungry !

  • Artur Gołębski

    Dzieci…nadzieja nasza!!! Świetne kolorki,anie bijące po oczach refleksy(Nasycenie nie z tej ziemi) 😉 Pozdrawiam